Welcome to St Paul, MN's
Legendary "Blues Saloon"

Tuesday Night Blues Jam & Dance

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Blues Jam Rules

Thanks for coming by...
We appreciate you!!!

It's Jam Time!!

1     Sign your name on the list (and what you do/play).
Wait your turn.
Be ready to play when you are called up.
Do not come on stage until you are called

2   Be ready!  Before you get to the stage!
Be in tune (use a tuner - borrow one)!
Have your instrument out of the case!
Have your drum sticks!
Choose what songs to play before you hit the stage!

3   Be mindful, respectful & have a good attitude!
Be reasonable with stage time!  Don't solo forever!

4   The Jam Host makes the Jam Rules!
(It's our way or the highway!)

The Other Stuff:
Play Blues!  Or very simple musical changes!
Keep it basic!
Do not go backstage.